Monday, September 10, 2007

Crime Drama?

Last week, someone pushed through my friend's back door doggie door and burglarized her home. The thieves took a few easily portable "moneymakers": laptop, jewelery. They also left the double gate open, allowing her little dog to get out.
Luckily, the dog had been implanted with a microchip, and the chip company alerted my friend.
Luckily, the thieves didn't vandalize the house.
But what a violation! Did someone case out the house, create a disguise or diversion? It's scary to go back into your house, the place that's supposed to be a safe haven, and realize a stranger can waltz in at will.
What rationalization makes it seem OK to break into another's house and take stuff ( for drugs or The "I-can't-help-myself" defense? Boredom (the "it's just for kicks-we're not hurting anyone" justification)? Making bones for gang initiation (striking out against the "oppressors")?
What mind set does one have to have to wake up in the morning and plan to rob someone's (or many someones') home?
I understand being worried about money. I was raised in a single-mother household; we had our share of 5-day eviction notices and moving around. Our idea of shopping for fall school clothes was a trip to the Goodwill.
But my mom always worked hard.
I don't understand the mindset of breaking into someone's house for a laptop!