Thursday, July 31, 2008

The color of history

Clio holds her scroll and tablet:
blue gray and parchment pale.
She weaves her tales of facts and fictions,
but patterns blare to no avail.
How must She weep in frustration
to see our blind assertions--
Our right, their wrong,
our certitutudes and aspersions!
Still patient, She searches for an open mind,
a willing heart,
a questing spirit,
then breathes her spark aloft.
In darkest night, to those who answer
She beckons to the Light.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

....... daily steps.................

So many "To-Do"s - so little time.

How many mornings do I wish I could just stay in my art room all day? Instead, I get on the treadmill, take a shower and go to work. I'm very lucky-- I have an art room, a shower, a job to go to. But the pull of paint is so strong it's almost sexual.

And yet, at night, when I do have time, do I run into my studio again and paint? No, there's "Top Chef" and "Medium" and "That 70's Show"......... oh my!

And so, I get up one more weekday morning and go to my paintbox. I take a small set of w/c pencils and notebook with me everywhere. I make little postcards to send to friends long overdue a phone call or email. I leave my w/c paints and my journal open and ready on my desk.

And then I take a little step. And then another and another.

Maybe that's the "secret" of living a creative life, of being a working artist: take the action you can NOW, and then take the next and the next and the next. Be the "Nike" commercial--- just do it.