Sunday, August 01, 2010

... digital day dreaming

During my recent period of enforced idelness, I've spent a bit of time going through my computer files and paintings.  I rediscovered a few pieces I'd forgotten about.

"OM" acrylic/canvas
"Om" came through in a bout of anger and frustration, yet, is now a focal point of relaxation and calm.

"Ornithology" acrylic/canvas
I labored over the piece, "Ornithology," for months in early 2006. I am fascinated with the process of glazing to achieve shading and depth, and how a painting is revealed with each thin, nearly transparent layer.

"Blue Mandala" acrylic/canvas
Circles and circular movement are recurring themes in my work. "Mandala" loosely translated from Sanskrit means "circle" and in some spiritual thought, represents the center and beginning of all creation.