Monday, December 28, 2020


This Holiday Season is most assuredly a time for reflection. 2020, the year of  pandemic and isolation, has nonetheless been a productive year for me: in mid-June, I embarked on a 6-month self-challenge to create a small drawing everyday.

While not a huge stretch for many artists, I felt a need to refocus, prioritize production and commit to solidifying my artistic voice. These past months have given me much more than I could've anticipated: not only a body of work, several series and numerous springboards for future projects, but a deep sense of confidence and insight.

I've selected a few pieces from this journey, and look forward to sharing additional selections as this collection grows (279 and counting!).

Sending out prayers of love and health to you, and my fervent wish for a creative and healthy 2021.

"Up From the Depths"


"Watching and Waiting"

"Tree Dancer"


"United- Our Fingers Crossed"

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